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How to control your systems with Metasploit

How to control your systems with Metasploit

19, November

One of the main driving force for Metasploit development – Egypt – will attend HackCon to give you the latest news about Metasploit!

Metasploit Framework - The world’s most used penetration testing framework. Metasploit is unique and one of the most powerful free tools to test vulnerabilities in different systems - from powerful servers to the simplest mobile clients.


Metasploit consists of many modules, and there are many contributors around the world to this project to build the "ultimate" pentest tool. The unique thing about this tool is that you can test the vulnerability directly after it has been mapped - that is, point and click methodology; e.g. to test if someone can actually take control of your web server, email server or client. 


In this lecture you will briefly review what Metasploit is, review new components that have been implemented, as well as the latest status of Metaspolit. The lecture will also include demonstrations to illuminate the strength of Metaspolit. 


Lecturer is James Lee (Egypt). Egypt has been developing Metasploit from the start and is one of the driving forces in the. He is very well known in the international security community, and are one of the internationally leading security researcher. 


You should not miss this session if you want to explore vulnerabilities and secure your systems.


Meld deg på: https://hackcon.org/aktiviteter/hackcon13.