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10 Lessons after 5 years in Cloud

10 Lessons after 5 years in Cloud

Mandag 30, November 2020

This is your fast track to black belt in cloud security!

With 5 years of experience in designing, building and operating cloud environments and having exchanged experience with many organizations, Karim will take you through the the 10 most important technical security lessons that you need to get right in the cloud to ensure a secure and efficient environment.


This session will cover his most important lessons with practical examples on how to get it right.


This session will be held by Karim El-Melhaoui. Karim works as a Cloud Security Architect in Norges Bank Investment Management and is a part of AWS Community Builders. He blogs about security at https://blog.karims.cloud/.


Want a black belt in cloud security? Then you should not miss this session!


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