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How to bug hotel rooms!

How to bug hotel rooms!

27, Desember 2020

Do you keep expensive stuff in your hotel room? Do you know that your hotel room isn’t private at all? Do you like the idea of having visibility of your expensive stuff when you’re not in your hotel room? Well – Dan will get you covered.

Join the world of Dan and your journey with him: I travel quite a lot for work and I carry lots of expensive things around. I’ve learned how to deploy ‘tells’, as well as a slurry of cameras in hotel rooms in an effort to keep tabs on things. This talk will elaborate on stories and experiences, talk about how to build hotel room networks, and cover some of the camera models I bought and use. What’s good, what’s bad, and how you can fall into this rabbit hole too.

This session will be held by Dan Tentler. Dan is the founder and CEO of The Phobos Group, a boutique information security services company. He files race drones and crashes them in colorful ways. A lot. Dan scans the whole internet for fun and posts screenshots to twitter. He likes rum. Hand him a rum drink and ask him to tell you a story and he will, on the spot, conjure the spirit of George Carlin for you. No joke. Bring a helmet!

If you like to keep your stuff safe while you travel – this is a lifesaving session for you!


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