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How to rob a bank - The Art of Social Engineering

How to rob a bank - The Art of Social Engineering

27, Desember 2020

You do not need to have a gun or muscle gang to rob a bank! You tongue is enough!

This talk is 50% real audio from a social engineering engagement and 50% lessons learned from the call. During this call, Joshua talks a bank VP into giving up full access to his computer and eventually facilities. At one point during the call, the antivirus even triggers. This is an intense call with a ton of valuable lessons for any social engineer or defender looking to enhance tradecraft or better detect social engineering attacks.


In this talk we will go through:

- Importance of recon and how it can help in social engineering.
- How to spot the pretext.
- How to create a good pretext.
- Playing to selfish interests of the target.
- What to do when things go wrong – (During the call an antivirus triggers – very intense moment).
- The importance of never breaking cover.
- The importance of being aware of and spotting red flags.


How multiple social engineering attack vectors can be chained together for more effective social engineering engagements. And why it's important to know what information attackers can get about you and your organization and how this data can be used against your organization.


If you are working with security this is a important talk for you! This is an engaging talk that provides audience members with red and blue team social engineering strategies. Audience members will walk away better prepared to conduct social engineering assessments or defend against them.  


This talk will be held by Joshua Crumbaugh. Joshua is an engaging and internationally respected cybersecurity subject matter expert, published author, and keynote speaker.  During Joshua's ethical hacking career, he has never encountered a single network that could keep him or his teams out.He has also accomplished many impressive social engineering feats, such as:  talking his way into bank vaults, fortune 500 data centers, corporate offices, restricted areas of casinos, and more. His experience in all thing’s security led him to realize something had to change.  This realization led him to found PhishFirewall, where he is the CEO and Chief Hacker.


Joshua is one of the world's most accomplished social engineers and one of the world's leading experts on cybersecurity awareness.


You should not miss this session as you will learn that all your security can be broken down with just a few words!


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