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Silent RIFLE: How take control of all your systems

Silent RIFLE: How take control of all your systems

Torsdag 24, November

Mr Kyoung-Ju Kwak, Assistant Manager at Financial Security Institute, South Korea, will speak at HackCon#12 about how an APT group tried to infiltrate Korean industry and targeted many financial companies including every major banks in Korea. The investigation indicated that thousands of computer was compromised and that huge amount of data was being leaked. It was also discovered the 0-day vulnerabilities was used to penetrate the company network.

Be at HackCon#12 to learn how Mr Kyoung and his team managed just in time to stop the complete meltdown in financial sector, and how you can protect your systems from complete meltdown against the new types of cyber-attacks.


At HackCon#12 you can meet Mr Kyoung one to one and get more information about how to protect your system. More information at: https://hackcon.org/aktiviteter/hackcon12